Historic registration advantages

Getting registered an historical automobile can be a long and complicated procedure, however to avoid this, we offer all kind of services to make things easier for you.

Getting an historical number plate gives the owner the opportunity to enjoy some advantages such as extending until 5 years the regularity of Calls for Vehicle Tests (ITV), bonuses or discounts in the insurance policy or a possible exemption from municipal tax.

Solicitar Presupuesto

  • Compilation of documentation and information about your vehicle.
  • Data sheet with technical features
  • Certificate of authenticity and originality
  • Cataloguing as an historical automobile
  • Calls for Vehicle Test (ITV) for registration
  • Getting a green number plate
  • Transport
  • Getting the final documentation
  • Economical insurance

Archivos Normativa

BOE-A-2017-12841 DOWNLOAD
Real Decreto
BOE-A-1995-19000 DOWNLOAD


  • Fundación RACE promotes the study and historical research of automobiles and road self-propelled vehicles in the scientific, technic, industrial, commercial and sportive aspect.

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  • In 1962 a group of vintage automobiles fans create the VETERAL CAR CLUB OF SPAIN. We are currently the oldest classic automobile club in SPAIN.

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  • The Spanish Association of Sports Classics (AECD) is founded in 1974 as an initiative undertaken by a group of classic and sport automobiles lovers. Since its creation, a great deal of promotion and divulgation work of our passion in common has been carried out.

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